Moving can be an expensive process if rushed or done poorly. This is especially the case if you break or toss out something near moving day, realizing that you don’t have space to keep such items. We always hold the best interest for our clients in providing efficient moving and packing services. Read more for 7 time saving moving tips!


As soon as you know that you are going to move, start going through all of your stuff to get rid of excess junk that you don’t need. Too often people hold on to stuff that they feel like they might use one day but they never do. By investing more time into packing earlier, you will be already organized and ready to go on moving day.

Keep, Maybe, Toss

One of the best tricks when moving and sorting through stuff is to form three piles for each room. The “keep” pile will be for items that you utilize more than once a week or just cannot get rid of. The “maybe” pile is the pile is for items that will potentially be used in the near future. Be mindful when evaluating what belongs to this pile. A good rule of thumb for this pile is to think when was the last time I used this? If I ever need it could I borrow it from somebody else? It is more likely that you will use the same holiday decorations for next year versus worn-out clothing. The “toss” pile is designated for items that you are not going to need or use. Also, this pile is for things that you may already have in multitude and not require in the near-future.


As soon as you can, start switching your utilities over to your new house. Getting a head start on this will help make your transition into the new house easier. You won’t have to worry about having water, energy, cable hooked up because everything will already be transferred and ready to go upon moving day.

Survival Kit

Pack a kit with all of the necessities that you will need and that can last you for 2-3 days once you are in your new house. This can include clothes, toiletries, medicine, chargers, or anything else you feel you may need immediate access to. This will save you the time of searching and potentially making more of a mess when you are trying to find something after you have moved.


If you plan on making any changes in your new home, do it before you move in. If you aren’t fond of the paint color, try to schedule and plan on having the house repainted before you move everything in and then have to rearrange it all in order to paint. Anything that needs to be changed should be planned a head of time so you won’t have to stress about not having the house completely ready once you are moved in.


Once you get the keys to the new home, prepare the bathrooms before your arrival. Most likely the house will be deep cleaned before you move in, but go and do some touch ups to ensure its cleanliness. Bring your shower curtain, towels, toilet paper and whatever else you feel necessary to have the bathroom ready for use on moving day and onward.


Make a plan that you can follow when you are beginning your moving process. Start packing the rooms you don’t use as much, like bonus rooms and dining rooms, so you can get a head start on packing. The more you do earlier, the less you will have to do when moving day finally arrives. Starting early will allow you to plan more and have more time to worry about other things you need to accomplish along the way.

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These 7 tips will hopefully help you save time, money, and stress while you are moving. It is never an easy process, but the more work that you put in on the front end will help when moving day finally arrives. Making a moving plan will allow you to budget your time and accomplish things that are time sensitive as you are in the stages of moving.

At West Coast Moving & Storage, our team of friendly movers take the extra step to provide fast yet safe moving and packing services to residents and companies in the Portland area. Whether you need local or long-distance moving assistance, we’re here to help! Contact us for a moving estimate or other general inquiries.