New jobs, change of scenery, moving closer to family – these are all several reasons on why you might be making a long distance move. The task ahead may seem daunting and overwhelming and you want to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything or taking stuff that you should really leave behind. Even if you have a moving company hauling all of your stuff, you want to be prepared for the long trip ahead of you! Here are some tips that include some fun things you can do for your long distance move:

Eliminate excess: Is there stuff that you can get rid of before you move? It will make the whole process of packing, hauling, and unpacking so much easier if you go through everything and decide on what you need and what you can get rid of. Most likely wherever you are moving, there will be shops where you can buy stuff that may be too difficult to haul or if you accidentally got rid of it. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t use it/touch it at least once a week then you don’t need it!

Timeline: Even though it may seem difficult, it is important to try to have your timeline as accurate as possible. You will need your movers to help you unload everything and haul in your furniture. Plan accordingly to make sure you and your movers understand the schedule. Also, if you are planning on making your move into a road trip to sight-see or visit family, plan on leaving earlier.

Suitcases: Make sure you pack your suitcases as if you were going on vacation. Have clean changes of clothes, necessary medicine available, toiletries and whatever else you might need. Staying in hotels and driving all day is not easy, and if everything is packed away in the moving trucks you won’t have easy access to anything without creating a huge fiasco.

Important Documents: You should keep all of your personal and confidential documents and items with you. It is important to make sure you have all the details about your new house, the logistics of your move, and any other information you might need with you. You never know when you’ll need to access any information and it will be impossible if it is packed away.

Road Trip: If you have children, make your move into a road trip. Research fun things to do and sights to see for your trip. It will give the kids something to look forward too and it will break up the long days of driving.

To-Do List: As obvious as this may seem, it is easily overlooked. Create a moving checklist as well as a list of tasks to accomplish before, during, and after your move to avoid losing your mind! It’s a great way to keep everything organized and together so you don’t lose anything either.

Games & Activities: Charge up your iPad’s and get the cards out. Road trips are long and no matter how many stops you make you are still spending countless hours in the car. Keep the kids and yourself entertained with movies, card games, coloring books and toys. It will help the drive go by faster and smoother and you can also get some relaxation and work done in the process.

These seven tips should help you prepare and plan your long distance move. Being organized and on top of everything will make your move successful and easy! Remember it’s better to write everything down, so you don’t forget anything.

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