Too many times, someone has thought that they could handle something and they either injured themselves, injured somebody else, or caused some type of damage in one form or another. This can be very common when it comes to moving. People think that they can handle everything on their own and that they don’t need the help of others let alone professionals. This couldn’t be any more wrong. No matter how much or how little of stuff that you may have, it is very important to be cautious of what you are doing. Injuries on a moving site are very common and can be easily avoided if the proper precautions are taken. Here are 7 tips that we have to help you avoid injuries during a move:


  1. Lifting Technique: Back injuries are one of the most common injuries that can happen during a moving job. People don’t know the proper lifting techniques and will try to lift something without the right form. Always remember to lift with your legs and not with your back. Start out in a squat position and use your legs to help you lift the item.


  1. Walking with Items: When carrying valuable or heavy items it is important to not have anything in your way when moving them. With your arms full and your vision hindered, it is easy to trip over something and not be able to catch yourself or save the item that you are carrying.


  1. Gloves: Utility gloves can be one of the most useful things when moving. They can prevent items from slipping in your hands when they become too sweaty or calloused. Gloves give you a better grip on your items and can ensure extra safety when transporting stuff. It will also help your hands from getting cut or hurt during the move.


  1. Box Weight: Some boxes may not seem very heavy and can easily be carried two at a time. However, it is not wise to carry multiple heavy boxes stacked on each other at the same time. Overdoing it is one of the easiest ways to get injured while moving. You think that you can handle more than you can and you can either damage yourself or the items you are carrying. It is better to take your time and ensure that you are safe and so are your belongings.

Moving without Injury

  1. Handles/Grips: Some of your items may come with handles or grips to help make moving them easier. Don’t always trust these. It is easy for a strap or handle to snap and for the item to fall heavily on your feet. This could easily cause broken toes or bruised feet that are painful especially when you are required to walk and move so much while moving.


  1. Carrying Techniques: Do not carry items on your shoulders or head. This may seem more comfortable or easier for you but this can cause serious neck or back injuries. Carrying items with your arms and holding them at the center of your body is the best way to carry items. It is the center of your gravity and you have better balance/movement while carrying items if they are handled this way.


  1. Help: No matter what do not be afraid to ask for help. Some people feel like they are able to handle everything on their own and that they don’t need anybody to assist them. This is false. No matter how strong or independent you are, you cannot move everything by yourself. Specialty items like pianos and large furniture pieces are definitely items that should be treated as a potential safety hazard and need to be moved with caution and plenty of help.


It is our main priority to keep you and your items safe while moving. As some of these may seem obvious, the amount of injuries that happen every year from moving are not surprising. Hiring a moving company can help assure that you and your belongings are handled with care and can help you avoid any injuries that might occur during a move.