Creating lists is an essential step to planning a move. Lists for what to pack, what to sell, what to do, who to call – you name it and there’s a to-do list for it! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when moving, so lists help remind us about the details with each task. We’ve also come up with our own list of 6 surprising packing and moving tips that we feel are important, and that we don’t want you to forget!

  1. Liquids: Sometimes no matter what precautions you take, liquids always seem to find a way to infiltrate all of your dry, important belongings. Whether it is water, cleaning supplies, toiletries, or whatever else liquids you may have, the results can be disastrous if not properly planned for. While packing for your move, have one dedicated box that is solely for liquids. Shampoo, laundry detergent, coconut water – no matter what it is, throw it in there. This will then secure all of your liquids from accidentally spilling over your possessions during and after the move. Oh, and did we also mention this should be a plastic container and not cardboard? Imagine the mess without it!
  2. Plastic Wrap: In order to avoid wasting time unpacking and then repacking everything in your dresser drawers, get a large roll of plastic wrap to shrink wrap all of your drawers shut with all of the stuff inside. This is an underutilized, but genius method to saving time and lessening frustration that comes with packing. It can be done with dressers, desks, nightstands, or whatever else piece of furniture that come with drawers. At West Coast Moving, we’re all about efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Bathroom: Before the day of your move or even the morning of, take the time to clean the bathrooms and stock them with shampoo, soap, and towels. Don’t forget to set up the shower curtain. too. It may seem like a hassle when there are so many other things to prioritize, but it will be worth accomplishing first while you are exhausted and want to clean yourself up before going to bed.
  4. Electronics: Even though you may think that you know how to properly set up your TV, DVD player, cable box, sound system, etc., you would be surprised how confusing it can get once everything is unplugged and moved. Taking pictures of how everything was set up before the move is a great way to ensure that resetting up the stuff in your new home is effortless and worry-free.
  5. Groceries: The last two weeks before your move, try to avoid grocery shopping at all costs. Food doesn’t transport well (especially on long distance moves) and there is really no need to pack up and move the items. Try to be creative when it comes to cooking dinner in order to get rid of as much stuff as possible without having to actually throw it away. Plan meals accordingly, and maybe even ask friends if you can come over for dinner! That way, you won’t have to eat every single meal  leading up to moving day.
  6. Pictures: This one is for solely sentimental reasons. Moving can either be a really good experience or a really bad one (especially if the move wasn’t optional). Within each place that you live in, you create memories and new relationships and have positive (and also negative) associations with the house you lived in. Moving to a new house doesn’t mean you lose those memories, but gives you the opportunity to make new ones! Take pictures of your old house to remember what it looked like, so you can look back when you are feeling sentimental. Also, take pictures of your new house before you move in so you can see what it looked like before you made it your home. Especially if you are planning on remodeling!

We hope that these tips will help make planning and executing your move easier, so you can have an easy transition into your new home! For more information on packing and unpacking and moving storage services, contact West Coast Moving today!