Getting ready for your move takes a lot of work! You are trying to sell your house, find a new house, complete all the steps that it takes to move, and start coordinating with your movers. Now if you are planning on driving your car whether you are moving in-state or out-of-state, it is important to properly pack your car and to get it from your old house to your new house. Here are some tips that we think will be helpful when getting your stuff and your car ready to go!

Safety First

No matter, what safety should always be your top priority not only for you and your family but for your movers and everyone else too. When packing your car try not to block your back window. We understand that everything is usually piled up in the trunk, but having to drive long distances without the use of the rearview mirror and back window can cause for potential driving and safety hazards. Also, when packing up your car don’t just throw everything in and call it good. Try to pack stuff in tightly and squeeze extra blankets or jackets in between the cracks so every time you brake or make a turn your stuff isn’t flying all over the place. This keeps your valuables safe and won’t annoy you as your trip goes on.

Separate the Valuables

Anything that you consider valuable whether it may be jewelry, family heirlooms, personal documents, etc., you should definitely transfer these items yourself. Pack everything up carefully and make sure they are not obvious in your car. Doing this not only ensures the safe transportation of these items but in case you need access to anything (usually important documents) you will have no problem finding them!

car packing tips

Have Your Vehicle Serviced

Before your move, it is important that you take your car in for a maintenance tune-up, especially if you are moving out of state. Even if your car isn’t due for a check up, take it in anyways. Have the oil changed, tires rotated, and check to see if everything else is working properly? The last thing that you will want to deal with is your car breaking down any time right before or during your move. You need a reliable form of transportation to ensure your safety and that you stay on your timeline.

Utilize Your Suitcases

One of the best ways to pack your car with the stuff you are transporting with you is suitcases. In reality, they can’t hold too much of your stuff and aren’t as efficient if they were just in the moving truck. By using your suitcases to transport in your car, you can pack all of the stuff that you will need for your road trip and for the first couple of days at your new home. This includes towels, shower supplies, kitchen supplies, toiletries, clothes, and everything you will need for that first week or so. They pack up easily in your car and that way everyone knows which is their stuff and no one will have to rifle through boxes in the car when they are looking for something.

Save It for The Moving Truck

One of the benefits of hiring a moving service to transport all of your stuff is that most likely they will have either one truck to fit everything or use multiple trucks to ensure that everything gets there in one trip. Don’t feel like you have to jam pack your car with all of the extra stuff that doesn’t really have a place. Have extra boxes on hand where they can act like a junk drawer, and you can sort through them later once you begin unpacking. Utilize the movers and the moving truck for what it is and try to take less of the load and stress with you in your car. Not to mention if you are transporting pets, you most likely won’t have enough room in your car for the whole family, the dog, and extra boxes and belongings unless you drive a school bus yourself!

These tips will help when you are starting to move and pack up your car for your new home. Having a plan and everything ready to go is a great idea, and will help relieve stress off of you come moving day. Questions? Call us at any time to discuss anything you may want to know more information about!