Moving can be one of the most disorganized processes ever. Like with everything, every single person will handle their move differently. Some just box-stuff and hope it all arrives to their new homes while others are more obsessive compulsive and try to keep everything organized and together as possible. Whatever your moving style, here is a handy list of 5 secrets to labeling moving boxes for your next move!

Color System

Now there are several ways that this can be done. You can get stickers or labels that are color-coordinated with each room having its own specific color. Under this system, the boxes aren’t just unloaded all over the new house but rather everything is kept together. Instead of colored stickers or labels, colored sharpies or pens will also do the trick.

Correlating Map

Get a hard copy of your floor plan and label each room with their own specific color, so that your movers have something to go off. You may know what every single room in the house is going to be, but that doesn’t mean that your movers know. Help them be more efficient by creating a cheat sheet that allows them to move your boxes in quickly.


Besides labeling which rooms the boxes need to go in, make sure you try to give a somewhat accurate description of whats inside of them. There’s nothing worse than needing something and having to rifle through all of your boxes until you find it. Try to keep the contents brief and general. Bathroom towels, pots and pans, and dad’s shoes are all good ways to know what is in there without having to write every single item down.

Handsome Man Label Moving Box with Red MarkerNumbering

Even with your color coordinating systems, its nice to number the boxes by each room. Make a master list of how many boxes are going into each room. Then, when you arrive in your new house, you can do a final count before the movers leave to make sure everything is there. This may seem like overkill, but it will help you realize quickly if anything is missing and that the boxes are all in their right rooms.


Now this secret has nothing to do with your movers or making sure everything gets put in the correct room. While you are packing, label your boxes H, M, or L. This stand for high, medium, or low. And by this, we mean the priority of what needs to be unpacked first and what can be put on the back burner. Moving is overwhelming as it is, knowing what you absolutely need and don’t need will help you feel like you have everything under control. However, labeling boxes in terms of their importance proves to be an efficient approach to sorting all of the clutter.

Although not everybody feels the need to have a system for their move, there’s some of you that will do everything single secret on this list! Doing at least one thing on this list will help make your move more organized. When everything is changing and feels out of control, doing these steps will help you feel prepared and ready for your move.

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