While in the mix of everything you are handling during a move, it is crucial not to forget about one of the biggest yet most delicate items in your house: your piano. It is shocking how many people forget to arrange a move specifically for their piano and will call the day before or even the day of the move, begging for an emergency piano move. We hope that these 5 “key” tips will help you have a successful piano move.

  1. Movers: First things first when dealing with a piano move is to decide whether or not you want to hire professional movers. This is probably the most important decision you’ll make when you are planning a piano move. There are a lot of considerations to take in when you are deciding but the safest and most reliable option is to always hire movers. When you do a move on your own there are larger risks of injury, damaging the piano, or damaging other items in the process. This way you also don’t have to beg your friends to help you!
  2. Plan: If you decided to hire movers the next step is of course to plan. As soon as you know you are going to move start doing some research on piano movers/household movers. Try to schedule your piano move as soon as you have an official moving day. The earlier you start planning will help ensure a smooth and successful move. Did you know that West Coast Moving & Storage specializes in both household moves and piano moves? We can handle your specialty piano move along with the rest of your belongings.
  3. Communicate: Contrary to popular belief, nobody really likes to be caught off guard and surprised by something they weren’t expecting. This is especially important when you are dealing with a big move on a specialty item like a piano. There is a lot of technique and skill that goes into moving a piano and it is important for your movers to come into the situation knowing what to expect. Do you have a really steep stair case with three turns that the piano is going to have to go down? What about a potentially slippery deck that the movers will have to take the piano across? All of these things play a huge part in a successful piano move. Be in constant communication with your movers letting them know what to expect when they get to your house. If you think a detail isn’t important, tell them anyways. Anything helps when trying to move a piano safely and efficiently.
  4. Prepare: Get your house ready for the day of the move. If you are just getting your house remodeled, putting your piano in storage, or you are doing a full home move get your house ready before the movers arrive. Do you have any furniture or rugs that might get in the way of them carefully moving the piano? Do you have young children or dogs that might get under their feet? It is important to ensure the safety of everyone around during a piano move. Also if you have any frames or décor on your piano please have them removed and out of the way so the piano can be ready to go when the movers get there!
  5. Double check: Before your movers come for the piano, examine it again for any marks or scratches that your piano might have. Take plenty of photos from different angles. Then once the piano gets to its new location, you should do the exact same thing to make sure that no additional marks or damage has been done to the piano. The movers should do this too to make sure that they know what to expect and that you guys are on the same page.

We hope that these moving tips give you enough information to help you and your Portland movers have a safe and successful move! Call us with any questions or concerns you may have – West Coast Moving & Storage are always here to help!