It seems that technology has taken over our lives. If we don’t know an answer to something we simply google it, if we want to order food we can do it on an app on our phones. Everything is about convenience and efficiency which is always a blessing and a curse. Of course with the ever changing innovation of technology, there are apps that can help make your move easier too! We have done the research and have found 5 free apps that we think will help you with your move.

One List Moving App

1. One List – Prioritized To-Do List & Task Manager

Trust us when we say that One List is one of the best free apps that everybody should be utilizing! It doesn’t only apply to moving, but is a great way to keep everything in your life organized and in one place.

The easy-to-use use app lets you prioritize all of your tasks by order of urgency. Everything is color coordinated and gets stacked according to the priority level that you give it. You can even set date/time reminders, so you are sure not to miss a deadline or a task you need to complete.

Free iOS download here.

Sortly Moving App

2. Sortly – Moving, Organizing, and Inventory

Sortly is a great tool when you are trying to keep track of everything all in one place.

It allows you to take pictures and videos and organize everything into lists and inventory specs. This is so helpful, especially when trying to reinstall your electronics, if you find anything damaged, and are trying to keep care of everything.

You can make lists of what you put in specific boxes and then label and photograph each box, so you know which room they are supposed to go in. When you need something right away it also gives you the convenience of not having to search through each individual box. When using a moving company, this is also helpful in being able to double check all of their work and all of your items with the notes that you tracked through Sortly.

Free iOS download here.

Magic Plan Moving App

3. Magic Plan – Create Professional Floor Plans

Magic Plan is an ingenious app that will help make your moving process so much easier.

You can input all of the dimensions of your new house and then configure how your furniture will fit in each room.

Magic Plan also helps you develop a moving plan of where each furniture item can fit, so you can direct your movers on where you are wanting everything to go. This way you will be able to do all of the leg work on making sure your current furniture pieces will all fit, and you won’t have to be getting new ones. Efficiency at its finest!

Free Android download here.

Free iOS download here.

AroundMe Moving App

4. AroundMe – Find Nearby Places

In the process of your move – whether you are driving to your new home, unloading the moving truck or unpacking – there is bound to be something that you are going to need.

AroundMe helps you get to know your new area better by providing you with the business information and map location of nearby gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitals. You can also check out reviews, price of hotels or gas, and hours of operation.

Free Android download here.

Free iOS download here.

Move Advisor Moving App

5. Move Advisor- Moving Home Made Easy

We saved the best for last on this one!

Move Advisor is the app that can literally do it all. You can look for recommended moving companies, get quotes, create lists of things you need to accomplish, make timelines in order to stay on track, and make and manage inventory lists of all of your belongings.

With this app you can even create virtual rooms that you can begin to see where you might want to put your stuff in your new house. This is a great tool to keep all of your stuff together in one place and have all of the information on your phone at all times.

Free Android download here.

Free iOS download here.


These are just a handful of apps that are great for any situation before, during, and after the moving process. If you have any favorites or other recommendations, leave a comment below. We might have to a second part to this post.

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