We are glad you found us, we are the top movers in Portland, Oregon! Before you move, it is important to get ahead of the game. Making sure that you are prepared for the move can depend on how far you are moving, how much the movers are expected to do, and the size of your family, among other factors. In this post, we will take a look at some general areas to take care of prior to moving so that your moving experience goes as smooth as possible.


Your pets are part of your family and they will need to be cared for during the move. If you are moving long distance, consider whether they will need to be crated, if they might need anxiety medications, and how you intend on taking care of their feeding and potty times. If you are moving across town, you might arrange for a dog or cat day care facility to attend to them, or maybe you can leave them with a friend during the interim time. It’s likely that your pets will be very anxious about the move, as they always know that something is up when you begin packing up familiar items. So, again, you might discuss this anxiety with a vet or behavioral specialist to see how to see that moving day is as pleasant for them as possible.

Now that you have decided to move, see what items you can afford to part with. Books and clothes are often a good place to start when considering a reduction in stuff. These items are great at yard sales and the local charity thrift stores will be pleased to take them off of your hands. If you intend on furnishing your new home with a brand-new look, it may be wise to dispense with excess furniture prior to moving. So, again, see if you can sell these items in a yard sale, on Craigslist, or whether they are ready to go to a local charity thrift store. Check our moving tips for more advice.

Oh yes, the kids! If you are moving to a new school district, go ahead and contact them to begin the enrollment procedure for the next term, or to see how to start the children mid-term. The move will likely be a bit stressful for them, too, so before your Portland, Oregon mover arrives decide how they will spend the moving day. If they are old enough, and you are moving in-town, they might spend time at a friend’s home, or with their grandparents. Littler ones may benefit from a visit from a babysitter while you sort out how to move your possessions into a truck. Depending on their age, it is good to involve the kids in the decision to move, keeping them apprised of new details and events.

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