When you are moving it can feel like you have way too much stuff and not enough room or supplies to handle all of it. You may think that you have prepared well for the move and that you have everything that you need. That is until it’s time to pack everything up and you miscounted the amount of boxes you would need or forgot packing tape all together. We’ve come up with a list of 14 essential moving supplies that you need to be well prepared for your move:


  1. Moving Boxes: First and foremost on the list is moving boxes. Nothing can be packed or transported without them. Make sure that you have enough for all of your belongings and that you have a variety of sizes depending on what you are needing to pack.
  2. Packing Tape: You want to make sure that everything is secure incase boxes are tipped over or water/liquids are spilt around the boxes. Anytime during the process of moving including packing, the actual moving in a truck, and unpacking you want your boxes to be sealed tight as to not let the contents fall out.
  3. Bubble Wrap: For your more fragile items like kitchen items, décor, picture frames, etc., you are definitely going to need bubble wrap. No matter how careful you are, if things aren’t packed properly they are more likely to break. This way they wont be able to move around in their boxes and when actually moving they will be extra protected.
  4. Packing Paper: Packing paper is nice for items that might not necessarily need the extra cushioning of bubble wrap but will give an added layer of protection. Newspaper isn’t always a good solution because the ink can leave stains on the stuff it is wrapped around. Plain packing paper is the best option!
  5. Permanent Markers: Labeling your boxes is going to help not only your movers, but will help make your unpacking process 10x easier. This way you can move room by room and can unpack everything together and not be constantly searching through boxes to see the contents.
  6. Colored Stickers: Whether you are OCD or not, we think that having stickers to color coordinate your items is genius and quite necessary. Each room can have a sticker and you put matching stickers on the boxes relating to that room. That way the movers will be able to quickly shuffle your stuff from moving truck into the new house and put everything in the right place. Makes it easier for you and them!
  7. Box Cutters: Since you have packaged your belongings so well, it might be kind of hard to open all of the boxes with just your hands. Box cutters or utility knives are the perfect solution for this. Quick and easy access to opening and unpacking your items.
  8. Furniture Covers: It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is known for its cloudy and rainy weather. Moving furniture can be tricky and it cant always be rushed from the original house to the truck and into the new house. Purchasing furniture covers for some of your furniture might be a good idea for stuff like couches, mattresses, or any wood furniture.
  9. Trash Bags: Whether your child has a collection of stuffed animals or maybe you have a thing for throw pillows, trash bags are perfect for throwing these types of items into. There is also the obvious purpose of having actual garbage or maybe donation items that can easily be bagged up and disposed of.
  10. Tools: You never know when you might have to take a piece of furniture like a bed frame apart and then have to put it back together. Having a tool box easily accessible can make this process easier and will stop you from freaking out when you cant figure out how to fit your armoire through the door!
  11. Ziplock Bags: After taking apart your furniture who knows what kind of screws/bolts might need to be kept for reassembly. Put these items in ziplock bags and properly label them for each item that they come from.
  12. Pen and Paper: Having a notepad and pens around is always a good idea. You might want to be writing down inventory lists of all of your stuff and never know what ideas/thoughts you are going to need to remember. Also you might have forgotten to write or communicate certain directions that you have for your move and this is a good solution for that.
  13. Wash rags: From packing to moving and then finally unpacking you never know how long it will take to get your items completely unpacked at your new home. It is easy for dust or dirt to collect on your items. Keeping some wash rags around can help fix this problem quickly and efficiently.
  14. Snacks and Drinks: Moving can be very hard work. It can be up and down stairs multiple times, lifting heavy boxes and working in all kinds of weather conditions. Having food and water on hand is great to help keep energy up and to make sure nobody gets dehydrated or too overworked!


Before moving and hiring a moving company, check to see if they offer to provide packing supplies for your move. It can help make the process easier for you and can ensure that your items will be properly taken care of.